23 October 2010

Fall Colors and other pictures

I've taken the camera with me the last couple of days to get pictures of the fall foliage.  I haven't gotten a lot of them, but I have taken a few.  So I thought I'd share them now.  Plus, I got a few pictures outside our library and one of Pete being a cutie at lunch today.

This is a picture from across the street at my friend Becca's house.  Such a beautiful gold.

This is across the street from our apartment complex.  I loved the contrast of red and green.

This is the display that the library has just inside the door.  They always have something cool there.

Random pumpkin by the flowers.

Some of the flowers that grace the area in front of the library.

More of the flowers outside of the library.

Pete, being a cutie


  1. The trees and their leaves look so lovely in autumn, such a rich golden tone. I wish there was autumn here, because it is just my favourite season.

    mag x

  2. Beautiful pictures! Just letting you know I'm following you for the bloggers swap on swapbot (my name is rachelscissorhands).

  3. I missed the colors when I lived in Florida. I'd grown up in NY and it was my favorite time of the year as well. I'm glad to be in TN now where I get to see the colors again.