03 October 2010

Welcome New Readers!

I should have a few new readers stopping by over the next couple of days. I joined a Blogger swap over at Swap Bot, because I love being introduced to new blogs.  This blog doesn't have any specific theme beyond the insane ravings that sometimes happen in my life.  I never know what's going to come next.

So welcome, new friends! I hope you enjoy the ride. I should be back tonight with more posting.


  1. Hi there! I am one of your blogger swap buddies. Looking forward to reading your blog.

    (blogger swap- beyondrainbows)

  2. I am a new follower from Swapbot too.You have a very neat blog. Loved the blog above too.
    I will be back .
    Peace and Happy Swapping, Flowerimpressions

  3. I love discovering new blogs as well! Looking forward to reading more of your blog (:

    Blogger Followers Swap