18 December 2010

Book Review Number 17: Dexter by Design by Jeff Lindsay

Another book in the Dexter saga, this time Dexter has come home from his honeymoon in Paris to be quickly embroiled in a series of killings that seem to be more about the "artful" display of the bodies than the killing itself.  They seem to have something to do with the tourist industry in Miami, which brings Dex and Debbie (his cop sister) to the door of one of the suspects.  Dexter watches in horror as a simple knocking on the door turns into a knife into his sister.  He catches the person he thinks responsible (someone by the name of Doncevic) and, temporarily, allows him to go to jail.  But once the guy is out, he lets emotion get the best of him and mets out his own special brand of justice.  His lack of preparation and research come back to bite him - he is taped by the real culprit while killing Doncevic by Doncevic's partner and lover, Brandon Weiss. is the real killer and now he has it out for Dexter.

I liked it better than Dexter in the Dark, but not as much as the first two.  It seems to be a common opinion of the readers of the series.  I had a difficult time getting into it and, honestly, only finished it because I had to return it to the library - I'd already had it out for 12 weeks.  But there were a few things that I did like - the consequences that come from Dexter not stopping to plan before a killing, Astor and Cody (Dexter's step-kids) steps along the path of serial killer-dom and Dex's attempts to keep them on the Path of Harry.  For all that Linsday continually states that Dexter has no emotions, it doesn't seem that way.  I think Dex is trying to fool himself.

Not a bad book, but not a good one.  You might want to stick with the first two.