18 December 2010

Book Review Number 20: Teen Titans Year One

Having read Teen Titans Go!, I wanted to read a bit more of the "traditional" Teen Titans.  This isn't exactly it, as it's the reboot that DC did for a lot of their titles.  I wasn't sure what to expect or how many of the characters that I loved in Teen Titans Go! would return, but that didn't stop me.  I expected different.

The first difference was the fact that Robin was the only common character.  The others are Speedy (Green Arrow's sidekick), Kid Flash (the Flash's sidekick), Aqualad (Aquaman's sidekick) and Wonder Girl (Wonder Woman's little sister).  It was the origin story for the Titans, how they needed to come together because their mentors were being controlled.  The first section is a bit dark, seeing loved characters react much more violently than we're used to seeing.  And while most of the other mentors realize the strength that it took for their sidekicks to break them free, Batman is as closed as usual, ordering Robin back to Gotham with nary a thank you.  The rest of the book doesn't have as much of the same storyline as the rest, though it does give you a feel of getting to know some of the Titans as they get to know each other.  Though there are times I want to really smack Speedy.  But then, I've felt that way sometimes when reading Green Arrow as well.

I definitely want to pick up more of the Teen Titans.  I want to find out more of the similarities and differences between the other Teen Titans that I've become acquainted with.  I need to add a few more to my request list from the library.