31 December 2010

Book Review Number 26: The Trigger by Jacqueline Diamond

I got this book in a book swap on Swap-Bot and it brought me back into a guilty pleasure of mine - Harlequin Romance.  I don't like just any Harlequin.  It has to be a mystery of some stripe.  For a long time, I was actually receiving Harlequin Intrigues and quite a few of them on my shelf.  I've since gotten rid of most of them, but several of the sub-series are still with me (like the Tyler series and some of the Fear Familiars).

The Trigger is part of another sub-series called Code Red.  I'm not familiar with this series at all, but if they are like this book, I may have to see if they have any of them at the next library book sale. This particular book is about the police bomb expert and the fire department's arson expert in a town called Courage Bay, CA.  They are both on the trail of a bomber whose bomb have been causing fires and bringing death.  At the instruction of their bosses, the two of them are required to work together to solve this case before anyone else is hurt.  At first, they both are convinced this is the worst idea ever.  They can't be in each other's company for more than five minutes without fighting.  But soon they learn that their strengths and weaknesses compliment each other and more than just the case starts to heat up. They have to figure out what all the victims have in common and who has it out for them before the next victim ends up in his sights.

The book was pure mind candy, and that's something I kind of needed.  Not that most of the books that I've been reading are great works of literature.  But this was a different kind of mind candy.  It was something I was going into knowing it was a romance.  It didn't have any of the supernatural trappings that I've been reading lately and it wasn't a comic.  It was just a good, easy read that I was able to breeze through and enjoy.