08 December 2010

Book Review Number 8 & 9: DC Comics: The New Frontier, vols 1 & 2

DC Comics: The New Frontier, vol 1                                           DC Comics: The New Frontier, vol 2

I've been in a comics mood a bit lately, so there will be several of the next reviews that are of the graphic novel versions of some DC Comics.  Yes, I'm a DC rather than a Marvel.  Give me Green Arrow any day.

The New Frontier is the origins story of some of the Silver Age superheroes, bringing superheroes back to the forefront of the world after they were cast out during the McCarthy years.  You see Hal Jordan come into his power, Barry Allen pull the Flash suit out of mothballs, and the Martian Manhunter comes to earth.  They join the few superheroes still out there, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, to combat a new foe the Centre which is using Dinosaur Island as one of it's main offensives.

I'd see the DVD version of this long before I'd ever read the graphic novel, so reading it was more like picking up an old friend than reading something new.  I was able to immerse myself into the story nicely, learning a bit of alternate history for some of the characters that I've enjoyed reading about in the past.  And it, as you'll probably find as you read my reviews, it makes me want to pick up some of the original stories to see where they came from and where they diverged.  I love alternate history stuff.

Like most graphic novels, it didn't take me long to power through this, even with imagining what was happening between the panels. But it was a wonderful read that I recommend to any fan of comics.  And, most importantly, my Green Arrow showed up a few times, so I was a happy fan girl.