08 December 2010

Future Posts

I've read two more books since I last wrote up my list in this post.  But since my husband needs the computer tonight, I'll be writing those up next time.  Those books are Teen  Titans Go! (The graphic novel) and Trio of Sorcery by Mercedes Lackey.  I may also have another book or two to write up.  I'm currently in the middle of Dexter by Design by Jeff Lindsay, Anvil of the Sun by Anne Lesley Groell and Whirlwind by Nancy Martin.  I may have a few more after that.  It just depends on how much time I have to read with the holidays coming up.  But now I feel a little caught up.

I also have several pictures that I want to post of crafts that I've done over the last month, but no time to post them tonight.  I'm hoping tomorrow to get that posted.  Also, I've got a blog swap that I'll be doing so expect to see reviews of other blogs soon as well.

And this ends with the flurry of posts from tonight.  I hope you've enjoyed reading them.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know I blogged about you.