08 December 2010

HUMC PDO's Christmas Play

In fact, it was Teddy's first school play ever.  And he was fantastic.  He was an angel and did such a great job with it.  He didn't have any lines, but you could hear him singing along with the songs.  I was so proud of him.  These aren't the only pics I have of the play - there are more in my Picasa account.  But I did want to give my readers a sampling of some of them.

Peter and some of his classmates, waiting around before the show started.  That tongue out on him (he's the one with the purple snowball shirt on) is the second most common sight with him.  The first is him with his thumb in his mouth.  Yes, I got a pic of that too. :)

The next picture is of the three angels, which includes Teddy, of course.  I hadn't seen his costume before, so I didn't know that the "02" on his shirt would show so prominently through his robes.  Still, he was super cute!

 Here's almost the whole cast.  (I think I cut a few off on the right by accident.)  They all did such a phenomenal job and I was really proud of them.

And here's a picture of my boys together.  Aren't they  so cute?

We got a video of the play as well and I suspect it's going to be one of my most prized possessions.