19 January 2011

Book Review Number 32 & 33: Countdown to Final Crisis

             Countdown to Final Crisis, Vol 1                                           Countdown to Final Crisis, Vol 3

Having read CtFC, v. 2 in December, I wanted to read the rest of the series.  Of course, that means things are a bit spotty.  And somehow, I thought I'd read v. 4, but I didn't.  So that's on my list for the next time I go to the library.

Things get stranger and stranger as the series goes forward.  It's hard to talk about things specifically without giving away too much of what's happening.  But suffice it to say that major things happen to just about everyone involved.  There's dimension hopping, betrayals, complete surprises... it's definitely a page turner.

I think I need to reread them all, though, in one sitting.  I know the hit and miss reading that I've done has caused me to miss quite a bit.  But even with that, it's truly an epic story that explains why Final Crisis was as dark as it was.


  1. Ooh - my boyfriend is an avid graphic novel reader, and I'm pretty sure he's recommended this series to me. I might just embark on it, though it seems like I'd have a bit of a backlog to swim through. Do you have any favourite graphic novel series of all time? :)

  2. This one doesn't even take any thought. Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. It's absolutely brilliant and wonderful and fantastic and engaging... The only word of warning I have to give regarding it is in the first book, the 7th issues. It's DARK. Very, very dark. But if you get past it, you'll be hooked. (Not that it's a bad issue It's actually pretty brilliant. But it squicks a lot of people.)