22 January 2011

Book Review Number 36: Teen Titans #7: Titans East

When I got this book from the library, I didn't realize that it was part of the Teen Titans series that I'd been reading out of order.  I was thinking it was a side novel.  But getting it home didn't stop me from reading it.  Because I'm weird that way.

This is placed between the two graphic novels I'd read previously, so I had some knowledge of what was going on and of what would be going on.  Once again, Deathstrike is the villain du jour, this time bringing in a group that he calls Titans East - more young supers that are put together specifically to combat the Teen Titans.  There's some great action in the book and it was interesting to see these various characters interact together.

The beginning of the book told about Kid Devil's origins... a story that I found incredibly interesting.  I was first introduced to Kid Devil much later in his storyline and he was someone who intrigued me.  His origin story is even more intriguing.  The end of the book was a good set up for the story lines in Countdown to Final Crisis, as the murder of Duela Dent is the focus of that part of the story.

For darkness, this is middle of the road.  It's definitely not as dark as Final Crisis nor as light as Batman: The Brave and the Bold.  But it's a good read none-the-less.