03 January 2011

Family Movie Night, and doing some Swapping Stuff

Usually we go to the library on Saturdays but they were closed this weekend for New Years.  But today, Rich was off and the library was open.  Mondays are usually our Story Time days so we were able to pair a visit to the library for our own search.  While we were there, we picked up Kung Fu Panda.  It's one that's been on our radar for awhile, but we haven't had a chance to watch it before tonight.  I think it's one we'll need to pick up.  We all enjoyed it quite a bit and I know that it's something we'd rewatch regularly.

I also managed to get a few Swap things finished up today.  I mailed out the Ultimate Year of Happy Mail Swap #1.  I needed to create a Resolutions page for my partner.  I had some really cute paper that I thought she'd like and I put "Resolutions for 2011" and included her name on it.  I'm really hoping she'll like it.  I also printed out all of the book reviews that I've done here for my 4th Quarter Book Log for 2010.  I'm making a book out of it.  I just haven't quite figured out what to do for binding it yet.  I do hope to get pictures of this, at least, before I send it off.

I'm also working on a journal swap.  That needs to be sent out by the 5th, so I need to finish it up soon.  I've joined a few other swaps that haven't been partnered yet.  One is another of the Ultimate Year of Happy Mail Swaps - this one a cross-stitch pattern swap.  I have a bunch of aida and floss, so I'm hoping to get a cool cross-stitch pattern to do with it.  I've got quite a few letter swaps that I'll be doing: Best Reads of 2010Best and WorstI Wish I Could Just... and A Letter to Someone Else #2.  Which reminds me, I'm really need to write one of my pen pals.  I also have my YouTube Playlist Swap. And several others that I'm watching.

It just seems like there's so much to do and so little time. But I know I'll get a handle on a schedule one of these days soon.