22 January 2011

Swap-Bot Saturday

As I said yesterday, I had quite a few swaps that I was able to get out the door this week.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find my camera in time to take pictures of them.  However, I realized that I screwed one of them up and need to resend.    So hopefully, I'll be able to get a picture of that.  It will be a couple homemade postcards.  Most of the rest of my swaps were online swaps, which are a bit more difficult to post them.  However there is one that I will share here.  It's for the Girls Who Rock Swap.  Being the sometimes overachiever that I am, I did 20 instead of 10.  Here's my playlist, for those curious.

I also started a new group over there, Role-Players Around the World.  There didn't seem to be a lot of RPG related groups or swaps going on and, as I have several ideas for them, I thought I might as well start it up.  A few of the people that I invited have joined and I have a few others that found us on their own.  I haven't started a new Swap for it yet, but I'm considering doing so soon.  

I have several swaps that I'm getting partners for this week and that I'll be working on.  One of the ones that I'm looking forward to the most is the Lil Geeks Swap.  It's a swap more for Teddy than for me, and the little girl that we got partnered with geeks about a lot of the same things that we do.  I can't wait to go out and go shopping for her!  I've got another swap for Teddy to do as well - Kids Swap - Learning to Write.  Since we're working on his writing, I thought this would be a good one to do together.

I'm also working on getting together my quotes for the My Top 15 Quotes e-Swap.  I've participated in the two previous swaps, so the ones that immediately come to mind have been used.  But I love looking for new quotes.  to try to keep it interesting for myself, I usually stick with a theme and find quotes that fit that theme.  I haven't completely decided which theme I'm going with this time, but I do have my first quote.  I found it on a New Yorker cartoon - though it may be from somewhere else.  I've got to check into that.  The quote is "All you really need in life is the love of a good cat."  

I need to start working on the Website Scavenger Hunt Swap.  It's one that I've been meaning to put time into but haven't had a chance to yet.  I've also got to get together pictures for the Alphabet Photo Swap (FGHIJ). I did the first iteration of that one as well, so I'm looking forward to finding things with these letters to take pictures of again.

I have three book related swaps that I'll be working on: the Bargain Bin Bookswap #2: NEW to You Swap (of which I've got the book I'm sending and I just need the partner), the Hey, What Are You Reading Swap (which I'm waiting until I get my partner for on Wednesday because I have no idea what I'll be reading by then) and the 2011 Reading Log - 1st Quarter Swap (which I'm behind on because I haven't been doing my book reviews here... though I have done several of them over on Goodreads.  I may pull some of those ratings over here when I get to those books.

The last swap that I'll be getting a partner for this week is one that I've already done and just need to send out.  It's the Letter to Someone Else #2 Swap.  I spent a large amount of my last Mommy Night at Starbucks writing this letter out.  It was written to an ex that had once been one of my best friends.  Writing the letter was VERY cathartic.  I'm pretty anxious to get it out, even though I know it's not going to him.

So I've definitely got a week full of swaps coming up.  Hopefully the boys will actually have PDO both days this week so I'll be able to spend some time working on it myself.  If not then, hopefully they'll give me some other time to work on it.