19 January 2011

Wacky Wednesday - Maybe a change?

When I came up with Wacky Wednesday, it was more the alteration that struck me.  And now I'm having a hard time coming up with something particularly wacky right now.  And honestly, I don't know if enough wacky comes across my desk for me to make it a regular feature.  So.... I'm opening my Wednesday regular posting up to suggestions.  What should I post about on Wednesdays?  Should I be a bit wicked?  Should I be weird?  Should I use Wednesdays (and only Wednesdays) for whinging?  Should I talk about work-outs?

Give me your best W-word Wednesday suggestions.  And maybe your suggestion will be featured here for weeks to come.


  1. How about Wildcard Wednesday? Then you could post about whatever is on your mind that week. Or Whatever Wednesday. : )

  2. Ooh. I like that. Wildcard Wednesday is a great plan. Thanks so much!