05 February 2011

Book Reviews Coming in a Couple Weeks

While my laptop is a bit more stable than it was, it's not 100%.  Plus, I've got my son's 5th birthday (including party at Chuck E Cheese) and my in-laws coming in on Friday, so things are a bit hectic at the moment.  However, I WILL get these reviews done.  I've started a separate shelf over at GoodReads for the ones I haven't reviewed here yet.  This way, I can go down the list there to make sure I don't miss any.  It's a whole lot easier to just add a book title there than it is to write the full review.  :)  But suffice it to say, I haven't forgotten my reviews.

Just to get you interested, here are a list of the books that I'll be reviewing soon:

Countdown to Final Crisis, Vol 4
Teen Titans, Vol 4: The Future is Now
Teen Titans, Vol 5: Life and Death
Teen Titans Spotlight: Raven
Justice League Unlimited, Vol 5: Heroes
Trinity, Vol 2
Batgirl, Vol 1: Batgirl Rising
Many Bloody Returns, ed. by Charlene Harris, Toni L.P. Kelner

And as for what other books might show up by the time I can come back to my reviews, here's a glimpse at what books I have begging for my attention:

Full Moon Rising, Keri Arthur
Wolfbane and Mistletoe, ed. by Charlene Harris, Toni L.P. Kelner
Tempting Evil, Keri Arthur
The New Teen Titans: Who is Donna Troy
Teen Titans, vol 6: Titans Around the World
Killing Rocks, D.D. Barrant
Murder at the PTA, Laura Alden

Yep, I'm gonna be doing a lot of typing in the near future. :)

Thanks, all, for your patience while this blog has been slow.  I want this to be a place that people enjoy reading about the bits and pieces of my life, along with the books or movies that catch my fancy.  I'm hoping the rest of the year is going to go a bit more smoothly for me. :)


  1. I really love blogs on books and movies reviews and I was really glad to find yours. I'm planning to start reviewing the books I read after I finish with my Erasmus experience blog =)

  2. New follower from Swap-bot. I love the Teen Titans show, thought I've never read a book. (My DD - now, age 8 - used to call it "Teeny Titans".)

    Feel free to visit and follow me anytime at Back Porchervations.

  3. Thanks for visiting, both of you! I'm sorry I've been so slow about getting my reviews up. Things have been insane around here. I'm not even having a chance to read too much, so I've got to be busy!

    KentuckyGal, most of the Teen Titans books aren't anything like the show. They're more traditional DC comics. But they do have some that were based on the show called "Teen Titans Go!" I've read one of them and it was as awesome as the show! And there's also a comic called Tiny Titans that has the Titans as elementary school kids. It's hysterical! I think you and your DD would like them if you liked the show. Teddy (my 5 year old) absolutely loves them!

  4. That would only be fair, cause I followed you to Blog Lovin'. Here's the link for the blog dare group: Blog Dare