22 February 2011

Following New Swappers Blogs

I have been getting involved in a lot of swaps that involve following each other's blogs.  You've seen many of the ones that I've done in the past appear here.  The one I'm doing now is called Followers Please! and we have to follow, and are having follow us, 15 blogs.  Some of these, I've followed before in other swaps, but some are brand new to me.  Here are the blogs that I've been checking out this morning.

for 4 days... - Evey had noticed that she had a ton of great ideas, but not as much on the follow through.  She figures that she can do just about anything in 4 days and this is her way of documenting that.  She's already up to project 5 and I'm really impressed by the artwork that she does.  I wish I had half her talent and drive.

Studs and Pearls - Kirsten's blog is post after post of creativity.  She takes various finds, combines them with other finds and makes beautiful things out of it.  And, even better, she shows you how to do it yourself.  I don't know if I'd have the patience to do some of these things, but I love looking at them and wishing!

create. - I wonder how Lani has time to do it all!  From her blurb, she tells us that she's a mom of an active toddler (and boy, don't I know what that's like), a student of fashion design she works in a print shop and she does custom work on the side!  Her blog shows off some of the finds that she's made thrifting and going to estate sales, as well as some of her creation.  She's one talented lady!

fostered love forever - I truly admire Rachel.  She and her husband are foster parents in the Tampa Bay area and right now, they have 7 children in their home.  She blogs about ways she makes the kids feel special and the ways they make her feel special.  So many of these kids, it seems, had a hard time trusting but Rachel gains their trust.  Rachel is truly a remarkable woman doing a remarkable thing.

Steve and his Girls - Brandy is a stay at home mom of two girls and she's blogging life in her family.  She has tons of pictures of (primarily) her girls, which are so incredibly adorable!  I haven't had a chance to get into her blog fully yet, but I suspect we'll find quite a few things in common once I do.

Cupcakes and Corsets - The Fancy Lady is a former artist who has moved from fashion to food.  She says that she hopes to get to do both one day, but in looking at her cookies on her blog, she really does seem to do so already.  They make me hungry just looking at them!  Along with the cookies (which are for sale in her etsy shop), she also posts some of her day to day stuff.  She's got a beautiful picture of the roses that she got from her boyfriend for Valentine's Day.  So sweet!!!!

Adventures with the Nowling Family - Carrie posts a lot about her every day life, which is something I always enjoy reading.  She's very happily married and has three adorable girls.  Along with her every day posts, she posts menus for the week and reviews books as she's reading them.  And she's got a fantastic picture of her husband and two of her girls as her header picture.  It's really cute!  She also has a playlist of music off to the side, so if you're in a place where you don't want sound to give you away, make sure you turn off your sound first!

Ichigo Shortcake - Mimi's blog is full of cute!  She loves Kawaii and love things pink.  She posts a lot of pictures of things that she's working on or things that catch her fancy.  I'm not really into Kawaii myself, but I can definitely see the cute factor based on the pictures she's posting.  Like Carrie's blog, Mimi also has music playing, so be wary if you're checking from somewhere that you don't want music coming on.

Made By Knowme - Naomi's blog is in a combination of Dutch and English.  (The Dutch isn't as much of a problem for me because I use Chrome and love the translate feature. :))  She just recently got back to blogging after the birth of her son (which, as I know well, can be VERY time consuming!)  She posts pictures of the art that she creates, which is incredibly beautiful.  She recently finished a Tink amigurumi that is absolutely fantastic.  I might need to send the picture to my niece, the Tink fan.  I can't wait to see what else she posts!

Unionvale Mom's Spot - Cariann and I have quite a bit in common - we're both moms to two (usually) wonderful boys who love to read, write and spend time with the family.  I've followed Cariann for awhile because of one of the other blog swaps that we did together, and her blog is still fantastic to read.  She posts a bit of everything, though there's been a lot of swapping stuff lately.  She's incredibly talented and she's a great one to read!

HAVFAITH - Tammy's blog is another one that I've been following for awhile.  She does a lot of challenges and themed days.  If I'm not mistaken, her blog was one of the ones that gave me the idea to do my own themed days (which I promise I'll get back to soon).  Through the challenges and her pictures, you learn a lot about Tammy.  And that is a wonderful thing to do!

Bits N Pieces - Aubrey is a great bunch of wonderful.  I read her info and thought "My kind of lady!"  I'm not nearly as artistic as she is (her ATCs are absolutely amazing!), but I love looking at her art.  And that's primarily what her blog is - the various art pieces that she's put together.  She's got a very creative mind and I think I'm going to keep looking and drooling for a long time.

Back Porchervations - I found KentuckyGal's blog previously because she started following me.  And I'm so glad that I did!  She introduced me to Bloggy Moms and the Blog Dare, which I'm hoping to make a regular feature here.  A lot of what she does is answering blog prompts from various locations, but it opens up her life to her readers to let us know a lot more about her.  Definitely a great one to check out!

50 Interviews - This is more of a website than a blog.  Brian talks a bit about the books on this site, books that have interviews by the author of each book of people involved and influential in the subject matter at hand.  It looks like interesting reads.  It's not a Blogger Blog, but I did like it on Facebook.

The Happiest Princess - Christin is a beautiful artist.  She shares not only pictures of her own artwork but that of people that she admires.  She also talks a bit about her day to day life and lets you know about some giveaways that might catch your attention.  I look forward to seeing more of her posts.

And that's all 15 of them!  I hope you find some favorites among these reads.  I know that I have!

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