20 February 2011

Not the Weekend I'd Planned

Like every weekend, I had so many great plans.  Clean the house.  Get laundry done.  Put together the computer desk.  Read a lot.  Get a lot done online.  Of those, I read a lot and got quite a bit done online.  Cleaning the house, putting together the computer desk, laundry... nope.  I've got to try to focus on it tomorrow because I'm getting grumpy from having a disaster of an apartment again.

The weekend was really a mixed bag.  We went to the library and I picked up a few new books to read (though I've still got so many that I'm reading already I probably shouldn't).  Teddy threw a major wobbly because he was once again not getting his way and my plans to go to Deals got pushed aside. When I finally got him calmed down enough to actually listen to me (which took almost 45 minutes), I told him that if he stayed calm until Rich got finished tutoring (which was why we were planning on spending time at Deals anyway), that I'd take the boys to the playground at the church while Rich was there for a meeting and then we'd go for lunch.  He did behave, but we ended up changing plans around a bit.  It didn't take us as long to get to the church as we thought it would, so we grabbed lunch before hand to try to eat at the church.  The boys played for a little while but it was cold, so Rich dropped us back at the apartment before the meeting.

After naps, we headed over to Big Lots.  Teddy wanted to spend some of his birthday money and I (as always) wanted to check out the craft stuff they had.  I picked up a beach page kit, thinking it would be perfect for the pages for our week at the shore this summer (which we have a date for now, woo-hoo!)  I also got a kit for growing some herbs.  I might try to get that set up this week.  They had a salsa one as well which I would have loved, but they had cayenne peppers, which we never would use. Teddy picked up a DVD, The Jimmy & Timmy Power Hour 2.  It was a good trip, all things considered.  And then I got my Mommy's night, which completely rocked.  I wanted to go out to Starbucks again tonight in the hopes of getting a few more things done online, but it really wasn't fair to leave Rich to take care of the kids two nights in a row.

This morning, Rich made a chicken and broccoli quiche that was quite yummy.  I love the fact that my husband is a good cook, especially since I'm not!  I need to bake something this week, though.  I've been getting the jones to do so.  Rich and Teddy went to mass this morning and Teddy made a really cute bookmark that says "Pray for Wisdom".  Meanwhile, Pete and I played for a bit.  I love making that little boy laugh.  When Rich and Teddy got home, we went out for lunch at Shoney's.  Rich and the boys did the buffet, but I chose the skillet chicken pot pie.  I got the salad bar with it, so I started with a salad that was really yummy.  While I was eating that and waiting for the pot pie, Rich and the boys went to town on the buffet.  Pete, of course, was covered with potatoes.  It's a regular occurrence.  They were all ready to go before I was finished and the kids were getting restless, so Rich went up to pay the bill and distract the kids with trying to win something from the claw machine.  No luck, but not because of skill.  The grip was just really weak.

We decided to stop at Chuck E Cheese afterward.  It was really crowded, but we still all managed to have a good time.  Rich kicked butt regularly on the Operation Game, using his claw machine skills.  I kicked butt regularly on the Wonder Land game (trying to get tokens through the cars on a ferris wheel).  Teddy and Pete just had fun playing on different games.  But between us all, we got almost 500 tickets.  Teddy got cotton candy, Pete got a telescoping lance and we still have 96 credits left.  We've got quite a few tokens left between what we bought today and what we had left over from last weekend so we're trying to save up for some of the bigger things.

I've spent most of the time when I've been home reading.  I'm reading almost finished reading Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur.  It's a re-read for me, but I want to remember the beginning of the series as I start reading some of the later books.  I'm not sure which one I'm going to focus on next - I've got two more of Keri Arthur's books waiting (both part of the same Riley Jensen series) which seems to be the itch that I'm needing to scratch.  But I'm also reading Vampire Academy and think I should get that one finished soon so it can go back. Maybe I'll try to focus more on reading this week.

I'm trying to get a handle on the things that I have to do this week.  Being President's Day, there's no story time tomorrow.  But the kids do have PDO on Wednesday and Friday, and I have a psych appointment on Wednesday.  I'm hoping that my new glasses (which I will take a picture of when I get them) will be in around the end of the week.  Rich is going to be busy almost every night with tutoring.  Monday he's got a two hour session, Tuesday an hour, Wednesday an hour and Thursday an hour.  Plus he needs to start getting ready for the new class he'll be teaching in March.  So he's going to be busy, which means it will be a lot of time with me and the kids.  But I'm still going to try to focus a bit of online time as well so I can finish up my book reviews, get some of my swap-things done and get some pictures uploaded.  Oh, and I need to post a bit over at Bloggy Moms, since I just joined over there to try to get even more visitors over here.

I always seem to have so many things going on.  I definitely need to work on better organization.  Maybe I'll work on that some tonight or tomorrow as well.  Because all the thoughts floating around my mind right now of the things that I need to do are making me wonder how I'll keep up.  Organization.  Organization.  Must find Organization.  If anyone has any good ideas on ways to get a bit more organized, I'd love to hear it!  I've been working with a few things but I'm not quite sure what's going to stick yet.

Time to get some more reading done, me thinks.  Then time for bed.  It's going to be a long day tomorrow.  G'night, my readers.  And have a great day!


  1. Great blog! That is a long weekend!...I have to work on organizations, too.....but I get so tired trying to follow my schedule that I don't keep it....and everything started again....maybe I have to try harder...I am following you from Swap-Bot....(Airamty)

  2. Hi I'm now following your blog!

    Becca (springknitter and BPositive)