21 February 2011

Weight Loss Realizations

I'm sitting on my couch, typing on my Netbook.  This isn't an unusual circumstance.  I'm often sitting on my couch when I'm typing.  What IS unusual, however, is the fact that I'm sitting cross-legged on my couch.  I haven't been able to cross my legs under me in so long I can't remember.  And the thing is, I did it automatically. It wasn't as though I thought, "Hey, let's see if I'm more limber and can sit this way comfortably again."  I just... did it.  Am I losing more weight?  Am I getting more limber with the exercises I've been doing?  Probably a bit of both.

The strange thing is, I'm still not seeing the weight loss on either the scale or in my clothes.  Yet I've had enough people tell me that I've lost weight that I have to accept it as happening.  And seeing these little changes give me hope that maybe it isn't wishful thinking.  That maybe, just MAYBE, I'll be able to hit my goals.

I think I need to start having Rich take pictures of me daily/weekly to see if I can see progress.  Of course, it could also have the negative side effect of depressing me because I don't see results as quickly as I'd like to.  But I feel it can't hurt.  And if I keep up at SparkPeople and with My Weight Loss Coach, I can continue to be more aware of the things that I do and find ways to be healthier.

I like it when I make these realizations.