24 March 2011

Book Review Number 51: Teen Titans, Vol 6: Titans Around the World

As with life, change occurs to the Titans as well.  This volume comes after the death of Superboy and a year after Infinite Crisis, so many of the changes are great.  The team is not the same any more - Starfire is missing, Cy is broken, Gar is back with Doom Patrol, Bart (Kid Flash) is now THE Flash, Raven is gone and there are a bunch of Teen Titans that hadn't been there before.

Of course, this couldn't be just a meet and greet.  Not in the world of Super Hero Comics.  The team has been infiltrated by someone plotting against them.  Immediately suspicions go to Ravager, the daughter of Deathstroke.  But nothing is as it seems, and only Ravager can figure out who has gone rogue.  Add to this former (dead) members returning and there's a lot happening at Titans Tower.

I enjoyed reading this one, in finding out about these characters.  I was only familiar with most of them from the later-series graphic novels that I'd read (like Kid Devil, who has become one of my favorite DC characters). I knew also, because of the later-series reading that I'd done, who the traitor was.  But watching the story unfold was still a wonder for me.

If you've been enjoying the Teen Titans series so far, I don't think you'll be disappointed with this one.