31 March 2011

Book Review Number 65: New Teen Titans: Who is Donna Troy?

I've had this book out of the library for quite some time.  I requested it when I was on my Teen Titans kick.  I knew vaguely of Donna Troy from when I read the Countdown to Final Crisis series and I thought it might be an interesting read.

The book pulls from several different storylines in Donna Troy's life, all trying to find out about her past.  It is a good, concise look at how DC went about changing back stories for various characters - in this instance, Donna Troy.  It starts before Donna's marriage, when she is agonizing over the fact that she knows nothing of her history.  So Terry, her husband-to-be, goes to the best detective he knows - Dick Grayson - to try to help Donna get to the bottom of her life before being rescued by Wonder Woman. 

I found it hard to get into this for some reason.  I don't quite know why, because the mystery aspect of everything is my kind of thing.  But it sat on my shelf, started but not finished, for a couple of months and only got picked back up because I knew it would be coming due at the library fairly soon.  When I picked it back up, I did find the story interesting, but not something that I'd want to pick up again.  I think it may be in part because her past was so complicated.  Her mother passing away, being adopted, being taken from her adopted parents to be sold, the people planning to sell her dying in a fire... it just felt like a bit too much to me.

The next part of the story was the revamp of her background and that part was just bizarre.  When a mysterious visitor shows up at Titans Tower looking for Donna, then telling her that everything from the fire on was a lie and that she'd been taken by the original Titans of myth to save their lives. And now she was needed to save them again because of another child they'd taken going crazy.    It was just really, really... bizarre. 

It finished up with her eulogy and wake, which was pretty good but not good enough that I can remember specifics.

All in all, it was an ok book, but not one of the better ones that I've read.  If your'e a fan of some of the older heroes and groups, then you may enjoy it.  But for me it was something I'm glad I read but not something I'll seek out again.