17 March 2011

Grand Plans and all that crap

I had all these wonderful plans of being blogductive today and what happens but life throws me curve balls.  Teddy's still not feeling 100% so he wanted a lot of Mommy time.  Rich was home early so I got to spend time with him.  The boys wanted me to be in the living room with them and, while I was trying to do things online, Peter decided to sit on Mommy's lap.  This makes it 10 times harder to type anything.  Got the boys to bed a bit late.  I have a headache that's busting my brain.  And then I came downstairs to find that a swap that I'd spent a lot of time on back at the beginning of the year got lost in the mail and the person never received it.  So now I have a 1 on my profile and I'll be making her another one.  I have no problem with making her another one... it's going to take a bit of time, but she definitely deserves it.  I just wish she'd contacted me first.

So, Rich and I are going to beat on some peasants (he had a bad night teaching too) and call today a wash.  Tomorrow will be better.  And at least I've gotten all my e-mail swaps out today and most of the rest of the swaps are journal swaps.  Tomorrow, I can focus on those.  When the day is new.

G'night, all.  And hopefully, I'll be back to catch up on some things as soon as I can.