13 March 2011

The Last Blog Post for Tonight

I know.  I've been very bloggy tonight.  I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing, but I do want to spend some time with my husband playing some Heroes V.

I'm shortly going to be adding a new page to my blog for the Blog Hop that I've joined over on Bloggy Moms.  Specifically, it's the Blog Dare Blog Hop.  For those unfamiliar with a Blog Hop, when you put the code in, the same list of links will show up on your blog as with every other blog that uses the same bit of code.  It updates the page that you have the code on whenever anyone adds a blog to the list.  And, since there's a lot of great Mom Blogs that are part of Bloggy Moms in general and Blog Dare in particular, I'm hoping to help generate not only some more traffic for me but for these other blogs as well.

I'm hoping to spend some time tomorrow working on both the swaps that I have due and the reviews that I'm so far behind on (since that's part of a swap as well).  I've got some "out of the apartment" time, since it's Story Time at 10:30 and I'm getting together for lunch with my friend Becca and her kids afterwards.  I've also got to remember to go by the store and pick up some black ink for the printer so I can print out some of the things that I want to add for swapping.

Speaking of swapping, I just realized that I have some awesome crafting tools that I need to steal from my kids.  (Ok, borrow....)  For Teddy's treat bags at his party, I'd included some plastic stencils that I'd picked up at Wal-Mart.  I hadn't looked at them too closely and I'd honestly forgotten about them until I saw my boys using them as swords today.  But they're perfect for embellishments on crafty things that I'm doing.  So I have a new craft tool in my bucket.

A couple bits of good from tonight, aside from all my blogductive work (I love this word.  Don't know if anyone's ever used it before, but I see it as being a very common word in my future).

  1. We finished listening to A Maze of Bones, the 1st book in the 39 Clues series.  Teddy won't let Rich and I listen to book 2 without him around.  He's become very interested in it as well.
  2. Rich found an awesome group of YouTube videos that someone put together.  It's a series of Phineas and Ferb songs put together in 18 minute chunks.  He brought me in to see some from an episode we haven't seen (damn having to get rid of cable!)  It's called "Rollercoaster, the Musical".  The first song showed Phineas singing through a variety of musical homages and I recognized every single one.  There's a reason Rich called me in for it, and it was because he knew it would hit my geek button in a positive way.
  3. I love websites that make me laugh out loud.  One of my favorites is Not Always Right.  It's a blog of funny, stupid, sometimes ignorant conversations that happen within hearing of people that deal with customers.  Sometimes it's a conversation between a customer and an employee.  Sometimes it's a conversation between two customers.  Sometimes it's reported by the employee and other times by the customer.  But there are very few of the posts in this that don't have me laughing out loud and begging Rich to listen to the latest one. And having been both a customer and a CSR of varying flavors much of my life, I can really find the humor in most of these.

Now, I'm off to play with my husband.  Good night, all!  And thanks for reading my posts today.