21 March 2011

Memories Monday - Senior Prom

I went to three dances in high school.  My Junior Year Homecoming with Paul (and I need to find that picture to upload one of these days), my Junior Prom stag and my Senior Prom stag, but not alone.  My friend Trish and I went together.

The day of my senior prom was a busy one.  That morning, one of my closest friends got married.  So I got dressed up for that.  Which meant that my hair and makeup were mostly done for prom.  The wedding was a lot of fun (thought the marriage didn't last too long).  I left there at around 1 so I could get home, get my stuff and get over to Trish's by 2.

The good thing about not really having anyone to impress was that Trish and I were fairly laid back when it came to getting ready.  I don't remember too many specifics, beyond Trish's sister being there and the possibility that we'd be sharing a limo ride with a couple guys from my class.  But since they never got back in touch with us, we ended up going in my little blue Escort.

We left a bit early so we could make a stop by the McDonald's I worked at and I could show off.  Then, since we still had time, we stopped over at my boyfriend's house to spend a little time with him before the prom.  I'd wanted my boyfriend to go to prom with me, but my step-mom flat out refused to let me.  Rob lived in public housing and she was convinced I wouldn't be safe if I went down there to pick him up.  So... technically, we shouldn't have stopped by his place anyway.  But there were a lot of things I did that I didn't let my step-mom know I did.

The prom itself was one of the most fun times I had in High School.  Trish and I got our picture taken (as shown above), danced with a few different guys (including one that I had a bit of a crush on - and I danced with him to the song that Paul and I had considered ours, "Unchained Melody"), were out there for every fast song and stayed until the prom was over.  We even picked up a guy... sort of.  He'd come as our friend Nikki's date, but she was leaving early.  Trish had been talking with him so we said we'd take him home.

When we left, Trish and I each took a column of black and white balloons that had been part of the decorations, which meant that Craig was stuffed in the back seat of my car, surrounded by balloons.  We made another brief stop at my boyfriend's, then headed to Wags for late night shakes.  My parents wouldn't let me stay out all night, but did let me go back out for breakfast.  So we planned on me picking everyone up and driving to Perkins at around 6.

I don't remember much from breakfast beyond Rob being in his McDonald's uniform and a cake fight breaking out in our booth.  I think Trish, Craig and I were a bit punchy.  But we all had a good time.

It's a prom I'll never forget.