20 March 2011

Sunday Scribblings - Free

Today, my husband and my boys are at church.  I am sitting at home by myself.

I know that Rich wants me to go to church with him.  He doesn't like sitting in the pews by himself.  I know that Teddy wants me to keep Pete home so he can enjoy Teddy and Daddy time.  But me... I like it this way. It gives me a rare hour or so of freedom that I don't often get.

Yes, I have the time when the boys are in PDO to myself.  But so often, that time is taken up with exercise or shopping or appointments or cleaning.  There are still things to be done.  And occasionally, Rich will keep the boys and let me go out to Starbucks to get things done and enjoy a macciato or frappachino or something.  But those times aren't here in my home.

Today, I have an hour to do whatever I want.  Originally, I wanted to use that time to work on some past due swaps.  And I still may use some of that time for that.  But I've started the time out with working on the computer, getting my pictures of the moon uploaded and updating here on Sanity's Overrated.  Will I do all that needs to be done here?  Nope.  Reviews are still waiting until maybe later tonight, maybe tomorrow.  Same with Blog Dare and the 100 Days of Pictures.  They all take a bit more work and preparation than I currently want to spend.  I prefer the chance to just write.

So for an hour today, I am free.  Free to write what I want.  Free to curl up on the couch with a glass of soda, my journal that I'm doing for a swap partner and Dexter on the DVD.  Free to enjoy the quiet in my house that goes with having kids out of it.

Don't get me wrong.  I love having my kids around.  They really are what keep me going.  But sometimes, it's great to have the freedom to destress and decompress.  When they get home, I won't be snappy or short with them.  I'll be refreshed and ready to have fun with them at Chuck E Cheese.

All because of an hour of freedom.


  1. There is nothing more fun than being surrounded by ones children!! :) I feel it is an elixir guaranteed to induce a spring in your feet and youthfulness!! ;)
    Have a great start to a new week ahead!!

  2. Ah, the freedom to have the time you want but remember, there are times the freedom can cost other things. Don't let this hour cause any tension, I remember it ruining a lot of friendships I had when I didn't go to church often enough.

    However, enjoy this freedom as much as you can and thanks for sharing this tale with us!

  3. Lovely - hope you enjoyed that hour..Jae

  4. I love time alone at home...but to give such an important hour would be more costly than I'd be willing.

  5. I did enjoy the hour very much. I don't really consider myself giving up as much with it as many others do. I consider myself agnostic now more than Christian so my spirituality is found elsewhere. But it is something that I've talked to my husband about, including why I need this freedom. I suspect there will eventually be compromises on both parts - me going to church on some Sundays so he won't feel alone in the pew, staying home on other Sundays so I can have my "me" time.

    Thanks again to everyone who has stopped by. :)

  6. Glad you enjoyed that precious hour. I know that kind of freedom (especially at home) is so important for me!

  7. Recharging is a good thing. Makes us more productive, fun and positive to be around with. Freedom is precious. Glad you had an hour of it.

  8. I love having some time to myself. It recharges me and I'm ready to take up on life again :) Dropping by from SS.

    Happy Monday :)

  9. Good on you...love a bit of R & R :)

  10. I know just what you mean at times I long for just an hour by myself and even though it does not happen very often, isn't it heaven. Don't feel any guilt what so ever about wanting just a little bit by yourself sometimes.

  11. I have raised my family, and now enjoy being a grandma; but I felt what you feel as I read your words. At your stage of the game, that occasional hour is precious and vital. Those stolen free moments enable you to enjoy your sweet children and good man, even more precious and vital.

    Here's my FREE piece:

  12. First, I love those quiet times at home when my family is gone and I can think...write...read...chill! And, like you I LOVE when everyone is home, but Virginia Woolf's "Room of One's Own comes to mind as does a kid's book about a mother elephant who only want's "Five Minutes Peace" but can never seem to find it...not even in the bath tub! (Actually, I just blogged about how important having your own 'space' is). If you have time (ha, ha) I hope you read it.

    Anyway, enjoy your moments of freedom and thanks for the muse.


  13. It is essential that you have YOU time. Make the most of it while you can.