25 March 2011

Thankful Thursday (On Friday)

Yeah, I know.  I should have done this yesterday.  I was on long enough.  But it wasn't on my mind for some reason.  Anyway, here are the things I'm thankful for this week.


  • ... That I had a great therapist at Centerstone.  She's moving on to better things, but she really gave me some things to work out and think about while she was there.
  • ... The guy that I'll be transferring to for therapy sounds like he'll be a great therapist for me.  I've only talked to him on the phone, but the fact that he called me to introduce himself... that means a lot to me.
  • ... That I've had the time to update my blog and get caught up on things here.  It's becoming one area of my life where I'm feeling a bit of control.
  • ... That I have all my past due swaps finished and sent out, plus I have a few ready to go that I'm waiting for partners for.
  • ... That, even though they can push me to the breaking point, my kids have still found ways to make me laugh and be glad that I've got 'em.
  • ... That kindergarten registration starts next week.  It's a bittersweet feeling, knowing that my oldest will be starting school soon.  But it's a step that I'm glad we're taking.
  • ... That I can call my mom or my dad when I'm having a bad day and they'll both be understanding.  In some cases, incredibly understanding because they went through a lot of the same issues with me as I'm going through with the boys.
  • ... That I have a lot of neat swaps coming up that I can't wait to dive into.
  • ... That Michaels has pretty, inexpensive journals that I can use for my journal swaps.
  • ... That today is Friday and we have nothing scheduled for the weekend.  It'll be a good time to get a few things done and recharge before the super busy week we have next week and the week following.