22 March 2011

Updating To Do Tuesday on Wednesday

Today was a major kickass day in the Swap-Bot department.  Other than the one swap that never reached it's destination, I have gotten all my past due swaps out!  Or rather, they'll be mailed out tomorrow.  I haven't had as much time online because of it, but that's ok.  There's always tomorrow.

I've got quite a bit to update my readers about, including:

Swaps that I'm working on
Swaps that I'm thinking about running
New Organizational Tools
Time with my kids
And anything else that comes to mind.

Also, now that I'm caught up on swaps, I'm hoping to do my updates for book reviews as well.  After all, I use those for part of a swap as well.

In the meantime, give me comments.  Tell me something.  Point me toward a website or blog or article you think I'd enjoy.  I want to hear from YOU!

Now, since it's almost midnight in AmberLand, I'm headed off to bed.  PDO for Pete tomorrow, but Teddy's been sick so he gets to stay home.  It should be a good Mommy/Teddy day.