27 March 2011

What a Weekend!

This weekend has been a mixture of productiveness and frustration.

It started at 5:30, Saturday morning when Teddy came in to tell me he'd thrown up in his bed. I'd really hoped the sick was over because he hadn't had a fever Thursday or Friday. But when I took his temperature after stripping his bed, he was back up to 103.  I immediately had him take some ibuprofen and told him that yes, we could stay downstairs.  I got the laundry started and played around online for awhile while Teddy played Pokemon on the netbook next to me.  Pete came down after awhile and I got the boys something to eat, then Rich came down around 8:30.  Teddy seemed to be back to his regular self, but we kept an eye on him anyway.

Saturday is our usual library day, so we headed down to our favorite branch to pick up our holds and anything else that caught our attention.  The boys each got kids graphic novels (Spiderman and Spidergirl) and a few DVDs to watch this week.  I had my copy of Dexter, Season 4, Disc 3 waiting for me, along with several other books I was waiting for.  My To Read list just keeps getting longer and longer!

From there, we headed over to Golden Corral for lunch and then Big Lots for some shopping.  I decided that part of my Swap-Bot organization would be a binder with my current swaps.  I'm putting print outs of the relevant details of the swap into sheet protectors and then I can use a dry erase marker to make notes.  The paper, once it's finished, will be used for scrap paper as I work out creations that I'm trying to do. I'd thought I had a binder and sheet protectors at home, but I can't find them.  Big Lots had 1" binders for $1 and 20 sheet protectors for $1.  I also picked up one of their paper craft goody bags for $2.  More stuff to use as extras when I send swaps or for my own crafting.  The boys, as per usual, were all over the store.  Hey, it's what they do.

Even though I'd had grand plans for cleaning when I got home, I ended up napping instead.  I could barely keep my eyes open!  Rich came to wake me up at around 6 so I wouldn't sleep through supper and I'd be able to sleep at night.  He'd made a yummy roast chicken with stuffing and corn.  He's such a great cook and I'm so lucky he doesn't mind cooking!

I managed to get several of the swaps done as well.  I've got one that's getting mailed tomorrow, that I finished writing last night.  It's a very long letter describing my Friday for one of my swaps.  I didn't think I'd done so much until I wrote it all down!  I hope my partner likes the letter!  While I was writing, Rich and I were playing more Fate of the World, which is one TOUGH game.  It actually frustrated both of us, so we started playing Galactic Civilization II.  Much easier on the stress level than watching the world explode under your watch over and over.

This morning, Rich and the boys let me sleep int until 8:30.  Rich said Teddy's been a little warm, but that was it.  He gave him some tylenol and ibuprofen, just to be on the safe side.  Turns out he was lucky he did (more about that later).

When I came downstairs, I decided it was time to tackle the piles of laundry that needed folding.  Three bins later, I was finished.  Rich brought the bins upstairs for me, and I just need to put them away (which I haven't done yet, bad me).  Got another load of laundry into the washer so there was progress there.

While Rich and the boys were at church, I had planned on playing a little solo Gal Civ.  Instead, I started working on a character for a play by post game by the creators of one my favorite past play by post games (Tazlure's creators, for those curious).  It's a steampunk game and we're currently getting ready for a play test.  I'm still working through my character, but I'd say that I'm about 75% done before showing it to the mods.  I got stuck on something I wanted to talk out with Rich, so I switched to work on another swap - the Book Log swap. The original swap was to send a list of all the books we've read within the last 15 years, plus a second list of the books or series that we wanted to read.  For those of us that read a lot, it would have been a HUGE e-mail, so the coordinator of the swap said we could do favorites, or the last couple of years or something of that nature.  I chose to list the books that I've read since October - all 60 plus of them.  I included links back to my blog here so they could get reviews if they wanted.  Then I listed 15 books and series that I have on my need to read someday list.  I left off the ones that I have at home, because they are ones that I know I'll be reading.

Rich called after church to make sure I was ready to go out for lunch.  We hit Shoney's - which was incredibly packed.  I mean, it's packed on Sundays because of the after church crowd anyway, but this... this was insane!  We didn't have to wait too long at all for a table, though, so that was a plus.  The food was pretty good (as usual) and Rich and I spent some of the time getting our menu together for the week's suppers so we could put our grocery list together.  Grocery shopping afterwards was it's usual joy, fun and excitement thanks to Peter deciding to run all over the store and Rich finally putting him in the cart and me buckling him in.  For almost the rest of the time through the store, Pete screamed and cried.  Oh, to be a 2 year old and have the whole world resting on your shoulders!

We got home and picked up the mail from yesterday, only to find a letter from Unemployment saying that I had been denied because I hadn't worked enough in the past 5 quarters.  Which, since I've been unemployed for over a year, is a no duh.  I'm supposed to be on extended benefits.  So tomorrow, I'll be making a phone call to find out what's going on.  I'm hoping that it's just something that got sent out from the first thing the guy that helped me get onto extended benefits tried.  But I'll find out tomorrow.

I finally got around to putting together the bookcase that I bought for my crafting stuff. It fits nicely in the dining room, which is where I do most of my crafting anyway.  While I was finishing it, we got a phone call from Teddy's doctor - he's got strep.  When we took him on Thursday, the quick test said no but the longer test came back positive.  The doctor was pretty surprised because his throat didn't look that bad.  But we needed to get him on antibiotics as soon as possible.  She called in a script for amoxicillin to the Walgreens down the street from us (since our usual pharmacy at the university wasn't open).  I took a run down there to pick up not only the medicine but new toothbrushes so Teddy wouldn't reinfect himself (and I needed to get a new one for Pete because he needs whatever his brother has).

I came home to Rich getting ready to make dinner - leftover roast beef gyros.  Teddy didn't have any - or anything else for that matter since he'd gotten sick again, and Pete ate a little pita and meat.  I had two gyros.  They were fantastic (but as I said above, my husband is a fantastic cook!)

I'm not sure what the rest of the night has in store.  I need to get more of the book reviews finished since I've got my 1st quarter book log swap due by April 4.  So I might work on that while Rich is playing Gal Civ (thanks to 2 computers).  I may try to do Swap-Bot Saturday or Silent Sunday (but probably not).  I may start trying to migrate and organize the things for my new crafting book shelf. I may fold more laundry.  It's still too early to tell.

Tomorrow's going to be a homebound day.  The doctor told us that Teddy will still be considered contagious until he's been on the amoxicillin for 24 hours.  But I've got lots of things I can do around the house.  Hopefully my boys will help me but even if they don't.... I'm determined to do what needs to be done and not let myself be sucked into the evil that is my online world.  (Ok, not EVIL, but definitely not productive to getting things done offline!)

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post, it's late here and sleep is evading me. I am trying to wind down and am going to read some of your blog post. :-)

    I have one of your swap on watch planning to join it when the day come due. My swapbot id pearlywhtiesmile. I too have two young boys and I stay at home with them. Glad to have found your blog and hoping sleep will come a knocking for me soon.

    Kind Regards,