03 April 2011

Check out these Blog posts!

As I posted the other day, I'm trying to find new things to liven up my blog.  Some of you may notice the new commenting system that I implemented.  I'm hoping that it will encourage me (and you) to have conversations in comments about the things you read or see here.  The comments are tiered with replies rather than everything being on the same level.  It's easier to tell who is replying to whom.

Another one of the things that I wanted to do was share some of the great blog stories that I find among the many blogs that I read.  And that's what today is for.  I'm probably going to do this every other day or so.  Starting with today.

And away we go!

Guest Post about Cyber Bullying on The Mom Pledge - Elizabeth asked Andrea Weckerle to guest post for her on The Mom Pledge blog.  Andrea is the founder of Civilination, a non-profit resource for online civil discourse. Andrea is also an attorney and can speak to the legal ramifications of cyber-bullying.  In this post, Andrea tries to define what is and is not cyber-bullying for the reading public.

 The A to Z Challenge - You know me.  I love challenges.  I may not always be able to follow THROUGH with them, but I certainly try.  This challenge is set up for bloggers to post every day, minus Sundays, in the month of April.  Each daily post should involve a different letter of the alphabet, but where and how you incorporate it or chose to interpret it is up to you.  I'm hoping to get a couple posts done tonight then be ready to join in tomorrow.

Paradoxical Paint Job - I love optical illusions.  The way they trick and tease the mind.  The blog, Mighty Optical Illusions is one of my favorites to read regularly because I never know what great illusions may be waiting for me.

Just a few for today.  I hope you enjoy reading them.  And please, feel free to reply with some of your favorite blog posts of the week!