04 April 2011

Gotta Kudos Myself

Because if I can't cheer for myself when I feel like I've done something good, how can I expect anyone else to cheer for me?

A lot of my readers know that I'm a horrid housekeeper.  I mean, I was ashamed to have the WORKMEN from the apartment complex come in because it was so bad.  But I had to let workmen in today because there was a strange hissing sound coming from my water heater and there was some water leaking on the floor.  I knew about this last night, but it didn't feel enough of an emergency to call after hours.

So this morning, I got up, hopped into the shower (ok, no hopping was actually involved.  I probably would have broken my neck if I'd tried it).  Then I got dressed - to my shoes, as FlyLady suggests - and headed downstairs.  I'll admit that yes, I did spend a few minutes on the computer this morning.  But not as long as I usually do. When Rich called to talk on his boring walk, I used that as my computer cut off.

I stared at the doorway.  I decided to do 45 minutes on, 15 minutes off.  I felt a little depressed when I was finished with my first 45 minutes.  It didn't feel like I'd accomplished a lot.  I'd barely made it through the area by the stairs.    But I was determined.  So I set my timer for 15 minutes of relaxation time and when it finished up, I went right back to cleaning.

It took me most of the morning, but I got the living room and the dining room where I'm not ashamed to have people come in to visit.  It helped that I started up a Cleaning/Exercise mix on Pandora.  It helped to keep me motivated.  The only thing left is the vacuuming, which will get done after my out-of-the-house errands.

I've got garbage and recycling to go out.  I've got garbage to be dropped off at the dumpster.  I've got some grocery shopping to do.  I've got to get lunch.  It's raining but rain won't kill me (or the kids).  So getting out is still a good thing.

I think I'm putting a stop for today on the cleaning that I've been doing.  But I am going to (finally) work on that schedule and organize my swap and craft area.  Because that's something I can sit down and do and it's not overly stressful.  And I think I'm going to get some pilates in.  I've been doing walking the last several days, so I think I can use some other exercise as well.  Plus, I want to work on my strength exercises.

But, yeah, I'm feeling AWESOME today.  I worked up a sweat with the cleaning.  I CLEANED.  I didn't lose it too badly when my kids refused to help.  And I don't feel completely drained.  This is a FANTASTIC day!