12 April 2011

J is for... Jumble, A to Z Challenge

Much of today, I've been trying to thinking of a good word to use for J, but so many things are running through my mind that it makes it difficult for me to think of anything.  

At first, I considered using juggling - one of my best friends from high school is a professional juggler and, as a parent, I juggle quite a lot of things.  But the words never seemed to come out right when I tried to type them.  

I thought about jalapeƱo and the "Crazy ABC's" song by Barenaked Ladies.  But I couldn't go anywhere other than that (particularly since I don't care for jalapeƱos).  

Rich suggested jelly babies, which would be a great segue into Doctor Who.  But my favorite Doctor was not Tom Baker, and he was the one with the jelly babies. 

Junk could have worked.  I have a lot of junk around my place.  Things that I know I should get rid of, but I haven't had the heart to because I hold on to things for "someday".  And it also reminds me of my grandfather, who would regularly go by the town dump and find things that he thought he'd be able to use for something later.  He had a lot of junk in his basement.

Another thought was talking about a jungle.  But, honestly, I don't know much of anything about jungles.  They're usually hot and they have a lot of animals.  Birds, monkeys...that kind of thing.  But that's about the extent of my knowledge.

I could have talked about joining things, but I haven't been joining too many things lately.  Well, I have been online, but not as much as I probably should.  Or maybe the other.  I dunno.  Joining just doesn't seem right to me.

Being just... Jackson... jury...Jvstin... Jones... Jergens... Jennifer... jumping jacks... junipers... jackets... journals... judges.... jump... jingle... All these J words are just a jumble in my mind.