10 April 2011

Just a general update for now

I'm punting the various posts that I'd planned to update tonight to tomorrow.  A part of me wants to do the A to Z challenge posts, my Feel Good Friday, Swap-Bot Saturday and Silent Sunday, and a bunch of other posts as well.  But then there's the other part of me that's thinking that I'll be a bit more focused tomorrow.  I'm kind of brain dead tonight, plus I'm on the Netbook.  I've gotten used to using the larger screen on the desktop so having so much less space on the Netbook screen makes it harder for me to do a bunch of the things that I want to.  Better to post when I'm in the headspace for it, or so I think.

I'm still doing updates for the blog.  I'm probably going to fiddle with the logo a bit more, since my wonderful friend Kerri pointed out that the colors don't work too well for those with color blindness.  But I don't mind because I've enjoyed fiddling with it.  I think I've gotten everyone updated in my blogroll, but who knows.  I'm also thinking of adding a few more bibs and bobs to the right, though I haven't had a chance to really look through the Blogger widget list yet.  Tomorrow, I hope, I'll be putting a bunch of the blog buttons and links for the weekly blogging prompts and memes into my Challenges Page.  I'm also thinking of putting an About Me page up there as well.  Blogging, like life, is a constant change to keep from getting boring.

This has probably been one of the busiest weekends I've had in a long time.  Yesterday was all the various reading related things and today has been a bunch of out and about things.  I dropped Rich and the boys off at church and ran to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things (which turned into a lot of things).  I needed to get some stencils for one of my swaps, and I needed to get a gift for a friend's son who had a birthday today.   While I was there, I picked up a card for a swap that I'm in, some stickers that I figured I'd find some use for, some clothes for the boys and exercise pants for me, shorts and a shirt for Rich and two new pair of sandals, one for each of the boys.  The problem with them growing so quickly is that they can't rewear anything from last year.  And all the hand-me-downs from Teddy are starting at size 2T because I'd given my 18 month stuff up to friends in need.  Pete may get into 2T and 24 month stuff by summer, but right now he's in 18 month.  And it's been HOT out - yesterday and today were in the 90s.  Tomorrow's supposed to be in the 70s, but it's supposed to rain.  The rest of the week is supposed to be cooler.  But tonight... the low is supposed to be 69.  Thank heavens for AC!

After I picked Rich and the boys up from church (and felt like a complete and utter slob because I was in my work-out clothes), we went over to walk at Mill Creek-Blue Hole Road with the SparkNashville group to walk.  Teddy was up near the front with our friend and leader Camille.  She loves walking with him because he has a 5 year old's energy and he takes off.  He loves walking with her because she's just awesome.  Rich and Pete hung out at the playground while I walked around with Dawn and her beautiful dogs.  Bonny, the other member of the group that shows up at the walks with us, leaves us all in the dust.  Someday, I'm hoping to keep up with her!  I actually walked about 2 miles today and I was BEAT when I finished.  I think it's the longest I've walked since I'd gotten back into exercising.  So I'm not really surprised that I was beat.  Add the heat into that, and I'm surprised I made it that far!  It was good to see everyone, though.  I'm hoping to see them again next week at the next Mayor's Walk.  We'll see how that goes.

We stopped at Olive Garden for lunch and, as per usual, my boys charmed the pants off of the waitstaff.  That's my boys.  One of the guys said about Pete that he's just in love with him. I can't blame him!  The only problem with going to Olive Garden was me trying to walk.  I don't know what I did to my left ankle, but it's hurting.  I was hoping some Advil and rest would help it after I got home, but no such luck.  I came back downstairs after an afternoon nap and had a hard time getting downstairs.  I probably wouldn't have tried to come down if Rich had been home - he had a tutoring job at 5 - but leaving the boys alone downstairs by themselves for a couple hours would have been a major recipe for disaster.

Now that Rich is home and the kids are in bed, I'm sitting in our comfy white chair that's in direct line of the AC register.  Life is good.  So I'm enjoying relaxing, watching Terry Fator (which is one of Teddy's all time favorite DVDs - which reminds me, I need to buy him Winston the Impersonating Turtle for Christmas.  I think he'll be ecstatic!)

I'm trying to decide what to read tonight.  I've got my list of books here that I picked up at the book sale yesterday.  These will get added to my To Read pile eventually.  The pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger...

Anyway, here are the books that I picked up.  I haven't read a lot of them before, so if anyone knows things about them and wants to give me a heads up on their thoughts of them, feel free.

Some of these are old favorites -I've listened to Spell of the Highlander and Acheron, I've read Fractured, The Thirteen Problems and Callahan's Legacy and Our Town is probably my favorite non-musical theatrical production.  Those were wonderful finds. I've heard good things about Lyndsay Sands and the Discworld series, so I figured I couldn't go too far wrong with either of those.  I've read Weis and Hickman before, so I figured I'd probably enjoy Into the Labyrinth.  The Bill Harley CD I got mostly for the boys.  They've been listening to his Town Around the Bend at bedtime (an awesome CD of lullabies they ask for nightly), so I figured this would work well for them.  But some of these others are completely new to me.  I look forward to diving into them!

And now, after I've done lots of chitter chat about everything, I'm thinking bed will be good again.  Wish I had my camera on me, though.  My cat, Lemon, is lying in the middle of the floor, spread out on his back, paws pushed out in four different directions.  He looks incredibly comfy and cute.  I do love my fur baby!

Good night, wonderful readers!  Have a wonderful night's sleep and a great Monday morning!