20 April 2011

M is for... Mondays, A to Z Challenge

Mondays and I have a rough relationship.  You'd think that, being a stay at home mom, that wouldn't be the case.  That Mondays would be just like any other day for me.  But it's not.  And I don't quite know why.

Or rather, I don't completely know why.  Some of it, of course, is because Rich has to go back to work on Mondays.  I've had two wonderfully glorious days with my husband, and now it'll be just me and the kids.  I want him around because I love it when we can have family time together.  Mondays bring an end to that.

And I'm sure that some of it is left over from my working days.  Mondays were the days I had to go back to work - back to the grind and the frustration that my job caused.  No more sleeping in until 8 or 9.  No more spending a bunch of time online or going out to the park to read a book.  Nope.  Work.  Work, work and more work.  And I wouldn't get my time off until the following Saturday.

But some of it... I just can't explain.  Mondays always seem to catch me unaware.  I'm up around 7 with the kids, and still, I can't seem to get everything together to bring them to story time.  And I love bringing my kids to story time.  It's a day that I want to spend in bed with my head under the covers.  Mondays depress me.

Whenever Monday arrives, this song plays in my head.  Yep, the Tori version rather than the Boomtown Rats version.