23 April 2011

More New Blogs to Check Out

I'm running a little late on this swap - it was supposed to be finished by yesterday, but I ended up with a migraine that made any computer work impossible.

I was introduced to five new Blogger Blogs through the Follow My Blogger Blog! swap.  And, even though it's not part of the swap requirements, I like to post about these new blogs as ways to let these new (to me) bloggers know that I'm following them.

a Coffee & a Camera - S.E. gives us a glimpse into her life with a wonderful combination of words and pictures.  It's a fairly new blog, but she's already off to a great start.

Bursts of Bubbles - Bursts of Bubbles is the kind of blog I'd love to have Sanity be - regular postings, interesting content and lots to look at.  It's an interesting look into what makes this young woman (samash on Swap-Bot) tick.

Make My Day - samash also has another blog.  This one is where she highlights weekly crafty creations that she puts up for her readers to request.  She's a very talented crafter, and I can't wait to see what other day-brightening items she puts up to share with the world.

1teaspoonsugar - This is another fairly new blog.  Her posts are very graphic-intensive, which makes sense for a graphic designer.  And they run the gamut of subjects.  I'm really enjoying learning the things that strike her fancy on a given day, because I'm never sure what it's going to be from one day to the next.

Frou Frou Shit - When I first read the title, I smiled.  Then when I read the blog, I really sat up and took notice.  A very intelligent, very talented writer, Ssejica posts about the various things going through her mind.  And it's not all fluff, either.  (Like I often feel my posts are.)  I really enjoyed her post about the customer service industry, having been involved in customer service for a large part of my working career.  I really look forward to reading more of her postings!

Oh So Knifty - Marian doesn't post quite as regularly as some of the other bloggers I read, but she posts very interesting things.  Most recently, she posted about her attempt to try to start a grove of Silver Maples. I look forward to seeing what else she's going to talk about next!

Definitely take a moment to check some (or all) of these blogs out.  As always, Swap-Bot has a bunch of interesting people, as well as some really great Bloggers!