03 April 2011

Swap-Bot Saturday (On Sunday)

I've been busy trying to get several swaps out on Monday.  At the moment, I have six... yes, six... swaps ready to go with Rich to be mailed off.  I've been a busy little Amber.

There are two, in particular, that I'm proud of.  One is the 2011 Reading Log for the first quarter.  I always try to add a bit to this one, going for hearts.  Most of the people I get these reading logs from send short reviews of the books.  Which are great and I love reading what they think!  But I actually pull my entries from the reviews that I do here.  Pictures and everything.  I put them into a document file, clean them up so they look nice, and send them off in a book format.  Granted, I don't go overboard - I buy a nice plastic report cover (this one, actually) and put it together.  This time, I even included a table of contents and an introduction.

The front page.

The Table of Contents

The introduction

You can't see as well through the frosted front, but this is the whole thing put together.

I had to make two of these and, personally, I thought they came out wonderful.  They totaled 40 pages - and yes, I printed front and back to save paper!

The second one that I'm particularly proud of is for a Six Word Memoir swap.  We need to send our six word memoir to 3 partners on a postcard.  The postcard can be store bought or home made, but it has to have the words on it.  I chose to create my own.

First I took my postcard base and measured some 8 x 8 scraps that I had.  I cut the scraps to fit the postcards and double-sided taped them on.  Then I took some pretty journal tabs that I got from a swapper recently and used one on each postcard.  Onto the journal tabs, I used my same sticky double-sided tape to put on the six words, printed out and cut with heartstring scissors.

This was the result:

Lost Heartache, Then Found True Love

I think it really came out pretty.  It's work that I'm proud of.

The other four swaps that I've got aren't ones that would be good for pictures.  One is a Tea swap, where I get to send some tea to one partner.  One is a calendar in which I've circled 30 different days and included memories of those days.  The third is a list of 10 things that I love about my kids, sent to two partners.  And the final is a springtime card swap.  I'll be sending a card created by a friend of mine, Camille Engel.  She paints beautifully and she gave me a set of cards with her paintings on the front as a birthday gift.  Since they're so beautiful, I'm sending one to a partner with a note about what spring means to me.

This next week, I suspect I'll be working on journals.  I have several that I'm in the midst of - my randomness journal, the resend for the 30 day journal swap, my Week in the Life... journal and my media journal.  That's a lot of journals to work on!  Plus I'm doing my daily doodles for the two doodle-a-day swaps I'm in.  I only have a couple other swaps due this week, so I look forward to spending a lot of time on the journals. Especially since I'm going to be spending a lot of Friday at the doctor's with Rich (nothing earth shattering, no worries).  Times like that give me time to work on some of the things I love to do though.