18 April 2011

Today has been a day of sleeping children

At least, sleeping children on ME.

First, I was watching my friend's children while she went to a doctor's appointment.  Her youngest (who just turned 3) started crying for some unknown reason and it took forever to get him calmed down.  The only way he'd finally calm down was snuggled against me, sucking his thumb and, finally, falling asleep.  Eventually, I was able to transfer him from being snuggled on my lap to being snuggled on the couch and, finally, sleeping on his own on the couch.

Then, this evening, Pete was having a Sad Baby night.  (I blame it on the fact that he never napped.)  He snuggled on my lap while I was playing some FB games and the next thing I knew, he was fast asleep on my shoulder.  I was able to get him upstairs and into his bed with him only 1/2 waking near the end.  He's happily snuggled in his bed an hour and a half before his usual bedtime.  It may mean that he's going to be up earlier tomorrow, but maybe not.  The lack of nap today will probably make up for a lot of things.