13 April 2011

Wildcard Wednesday - My Mind's Not Here

Today didn't work out the way I'd planned.  I had hoped to work on my Randomness Journal and get that sent out tomorrow.  I'd hoped to do some walking.  But various events conspired to keep me from doing either of those things, or many of the others I'd planned.  I'm hoping to work on them tomorrow.  I'm hoping to write better posts.  I'm hoping for... a clear mind.

My mind refuses to be clear tonight.  It refuses to let me focus on anything more complicated that Fables right now.  And maybe not even that.  So I'm off to hug my boys tight and fall into unconsciousness soon after reading their stories and tucking them in.  I suspect I'll have a restless night's sleep because my heart and mind won't be in it.  But maybe I'll get lucky and actually fall asleep until morning.