10 June 2011

WTF Friday

Ok, I lied.  I found a new meme that I'm going to try to keep up with.  This one is W.T.F. - standing for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - the days that the memes will be posted.  Completely random questions from the blog's owner.  So here's more randomness from me for today.

1) Many people who work a Monday through Friday job say T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's Friday). In my industry, Friday is the worst day of the week, so we say G.D.I.F. (God damn it's Friday). What is your worst day of the week? I don't know if I have an absolute worst day.  It changes weekly, thanks to whatever we have going on.  For awhile, it was Tuesdays because the kids were home and Rich taught that night.  But right now, all of them are pretty good.
2) If you have a male dog and took it to a male veterinarian and the dog tried to kiss the vet, if the vet suddenly said "Woah! I don't swing that way. I don't kiss male dogs," would it send up a red flag to you that maybe your vet was having a little too much fun with female dogs or would you just think it's a bad joke? (This really happened to a person I know) I guess it would depend on the vet.  If it was one I knew joked around, I'd take it that way.  But if it was someone I didn't know well, I'd probably be looking for another vet.
3) If you have a car, what is hanging from your rear view mirror? If you don't have one, what would you like to have hanging in a car? The only thing hanging from it right now is Teddy's tassel from his PDO graduation.
4) I absolutely hate hummus. I can't stand it's baby poopish texture. I don't understand why people like eating it. Is there a type of food that you can't stand that everyone else around you seems to love? Cooked fish.  It's the texture.  I just can't eat it.  Weird thing is, I love sushi.
5) Pretend you're eating a Tex-Mex grill type restaurant where you can totally customize your items (think Chipotle, Qdoba, Freebirds World Burrito, Moe's Southwest Grill, etc) and you're ordering a burrito. What fillings/toppings do you ask for? Chicken burrito with sour cream, lettuce, tomato and cheese.  I'm pretty boring.
6) Does it bother you when people bring their puppies/little dogs into grocery stores in those dog purses? Gods yes!  Pets aren't allowed in stores unless they are assistance animals.  That includes Purse Dogs!
7) Has anyone ever un-friended you on Facebook (or another social network) for a really stupid reason? I ask because my minister's wife decided to un-friend me recently because I jokingly created an image of my name spelled in penis drawings. (It's a font called Cocksure) Not that I can think of.  I've had people unfriend me, but usually it's a cull and not anyone I'm really close to.
8)What is your toothpaste personality type? Definitely impulsive.
9) What is your favorite thing to do on your "lazy days?" Singer Bruno Mars apparently likes to dance around with men wearing monkey masks (click here to see what I mean)? Read, play a bit on the computer or on my DS, maybe sleep a bit more.
10) What is your absolute favorite thing to take pictures of? We all know what U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner loves to take photos of, but with a last name of Weiner, what did everyone expect? My boys.  They're both cute and are constantly doing things to amuse me.