22 July 2011

Saturday Nine

In the hopes of getting back to a few things, I'm jumping in today (yes, Friday) with the Saturday 9 for this week.  I do still have the hope of blogging a bit more regularly about the things I enjoy, as well as these weekly glimpses into me from those who enjoy putting up ways to help you learn a bit more about me.

Without further ado, White Wedding

1. Tell us about the most recent wedding you attended.

Last summer, my mom got remarried.  She and my step-father had been together for over 15 years and they decided that now was the time to make it official.  It was one of the most laid back, enjoyable weddings I've ever been to.  Teddy and my nephew, Gabe, gave my mom away.  Her maid of honor from her wedding to my Dad was her maid of honor at this wedding as well.  Much of my family was there, as well as many of my mom's friends.  It was absolutely beautiful and fun and something I was proud to be at.

The happy couple.

Grandsons of the bride, getting ready to give her away.

2. Do you enjoy attending weddings, or do they bore you to tears?

Generally, I enjoy them.  Especially if it's someone that I know and it's someone that I'm happy for.

3. Does marriage in general make you feel confident and good inside, or skeptical?

Generally, it makes me feel good inside.  Because I honestly believe that most marriages happen because the two people love one another.  Sometimes I may think it's a mistake, but if the person that's getting married is happy... heck, I've been wrong before.

4. Do you have a photo blog? (If so, feel free to share the link with us.)

No, though I often wish I did.  But in order to have a photo blog, I'd have to actually remember to take pictures a lot more regularly.

5. Do you find yourself driving less due to the high gas prices?

Yes and no.  I've been cutting back on the long-distance driving - not going out to see my Dad as often as maybe I'd like to, things like that.  But I still have to get the boys back and forth to PDO and I still have to get us out of the house with some regularity before we go batty.

6. What's the high temperature today where you are?

It's downright cool - only 90 degrees.  Of course, this is after being 100+ yesterday.  We're supposed to have a storm system coming through, so that's probably why the drop in temperature.

7. "It's not the heat, it's the humidity." Agree, or no?

Agree whole-heartedly.  I've lived in Florida, where the humidity was constantly like a wet wool blanket enveloping you.  And I've lived here in Nashville, where it's more like a damp towel.  If I had to make the choice, it would be the damp towel.

8. What's the hottest you've ever been in your life?

For all that Florida would get hot and humid, the worst was probably here in Nashville a few years ago.  The temperatures were, if I remember correctly, in the 110s.  And it was nightmarish.  I didn't have to leave for work until around 4, but I hated even the walk from my front door to my car, then again from my car to my office.  Blech.

9. Non-temperature related last question: In your opinion... who's hot?

Besides my husband (who is probably only hot to me and others with discerning taste, but that's all that matters, right?), I'd have to say Ollie Queen (aka: Green Arrow - yes, I have the hots for a comic book superhero.  Deal with it.)

My dream guy....