13 July 2011

Trying to get life back to normal

I'm looking forward to Friday.  Not because it's Friday, the beginning of the weekend.  But because I'll finally have a chance to return my life to normalcy. My husband went back to work on Monday.  My nephew (who has been here for two weeks to help out) will be going home.  My kids will be back in PDO and VBS will be over.  It's going to be me and my every day life.

I should really start my planning today, trying to figure out what things need to be a priority.  Because if I wait, it probably won't happen.  I'm a procrastinator galore.  It's part of my make-up.

But one of my priorities will be this blog again.  I need the outlet, and I need to MAKE it an outlet.  I mean, sure... I have my Facebook, but that's mostly for playing games.  And I have Twitter, but I don't pay nearly enough attention to it.  Then I recently started Google+, which will be a great way to keep up with some of my non-family friends and to maybe do a little venting.  But none of these options give a good long-form.  It doesn't give me the chance to be creative with my writing (though my gaming posts do - which is something else I'm hoping to get back to starting Friday).  So my blog will hopefully be at the top of the list.

Right now, though, the top of the list is waking up my nephew to help get the kids ready for PDO while I drink my coffee, change the laundry from washer to dryer and start a new load, and make the kids lunches.  Just another Wednesday morning.