11 August 2011


Through BzzAgent, I found was directed to about.me.  It's a website that lets you build a splash page to put all your online locations in one place, making it easier for people to go from one of your locations to any other with the click of a button.  You have complete autonomy regarding what you add.  They have links for several sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as the ability to add other URLs for places without quick links.  You can say whatever you'd like about yourself, telling as much or as little in your blurb.  This is ideal if you want to direct people to a lot of different locations that you frequent. All you need to do is add your about.me page to your sig line in an e-mail.

I'm hoping to get a lot of use for this.  I haven't used it too much yet, though I am planning on putting it on my Swap-Bot profile so I can take out the multitude of links I have there now.  I'm probably going to keep my link for my blog in my sig separately, but I'm considering adding my about.me page as well.  You never know when someone new may decide to check out what you do online.

If you're curious to see my about.me page, just follow the link.

Disclosure: I received information about the above website through BzzAgent.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.