01 August 2011

Book Reboot

I've got way too many books to review that I don't expect I'll ever catch up.  So, instead I'm going to start the reviews back up with the next book I read (though I may later decide to come back and review Sandman.  Not sure yet.)

I wanted a place to keep all the books that I've read, though, so there's a new page here on Sanity's Overrated (a couple new ones, actually, but only one is germane to this post).  To make it easier for anyone curious to see which books I've read since October 1, 2010 (which is when I started counting), I'm putting a list of the books, with links back to the reviews if they have them, in a separate page on the blog.  If you're curious regarding the list, you can find it here.  And I'm always up for talking about any of the books on that list. :)

Also, if you have a GoodReads account and want to keep up with me there, you can click on my book list to the right and it will take you to my account.