09 August 2011

Book Review Number 124: Deja Vu by Lisa Childs

Harlequins are my guilty pleasure.  They're quick reads, they're sexy as hell and, at least with the Intrigue and Nocturne labels, they've got some great plots that keep the characters in danger.

I picked up Deja Vu from the grocery store not too long ago because the synopsis sounded right up my alley.  A woman believes that she is the reincarnation of a murdered woman - a woman murdered by a serial killer that preyed upon 12 women 30 years previously.  She's gone into the FBI in large part to try to figure out who her killer was.  And through her investigations, she meets a writer that has been writing fiction thrillers that exactly match the murders.  Their connection is immediate but neither is sure if he was her husband, or her murdered.

In a lot of ways, this reminded me of the film Dead Again.  Two people meet and form an instant connection. And that connection lies in a murder from the past.  Dead Again is actually one of my favorite movies, so to find a book that had the same basic premise, but different enough to be it's own book, intrigued me.  While I won't say that Deja Vu is a favorite.\, it was an enjoyable read.  I suspected who the villain of the piece was before I reached the reveal at the end, but Childs still managed to have a few surprises by the end.  Honestly, I would love to read another book in this world.  There are definitely things that can be minded there and have interesting stories to tell.