02 August 2011

Coming back to the List Challenge

The List Challenge is one that I'd started participating in back in March.  Then life happened and it didn't.  But I still like making lists and I've wanted to get back to it and I figured now was as good a time as any.  If you'd like to check out the list of challenges, along with my lists for each question, you can find it here.  I'm going to continue to go back and link up the answers as I write them.

Today's list is:

Good Things That Happened This Week

  • We got the letter from Teddy's school letting us know some of the important information that we need for him to start next week. I won't find out who his teacher is until the day before school, but at least I know where to park and where to go and all that stuff.
  • I've ordered my yearly Sandra Boyton calendar... and this year, I may actually have things to write in it!
  • Between my mother-in-law and I, we've finally found some shorts that Teddy will be able to wear to school (thanks to the dress code).
  • I found small alphabet stamps at Target in their dollar bins.
  • I finally got all the laundry that had been sitting around forever finished.
  • Peter still wanted me to carry him - bad on my back, but good for my soul.
  • I found that, within the last 9 months, I've read 121 books.
  • I was featured on The Mom Pledge Blog today!