14 August 2011

The List Challenge: Day 15

Things have been a bit hectic the last couple of days, so I wasn't able to do any of my challenges.  But I'm back now (as you may have noticed from the previous posts that I've made).  Now I'm at the half way point for the List Challenge.  And this is one that I'm going to enjoy writing up quite a bit.  Because it's a list of...

People Who Love Me
(And I know it's not going to be an inclusive list, so if you don't see your name on here, it's just because I couldn't write everyone.)

Teddy & Peter
Mom & Stubby
  • Deni & Mike
  • Rob & Brandie
  • All my nieces and nephews
  • Mom & Dad D
  • Robin & Simo
  • Aunt Laura
  • Dave & Barb
  • Tracie
  • Carm
  • More family and friends than I can probably count
(I wanted to try to put pics up of everyone, but realized that I don't have pics of everyone.  :(  So I stuck with my mom & Dad, Rich and the boys.  I hope no one is offended.)