21 August 2011

The List Challenge: Day 18

Today's List Challenge entry is one that's taking some thinking.  It is

Favorite Gifts You've Ever Received

  • A gold and aquamarine ankle bracelet from Rich
  • A round sapphire pendant that Rich got me on our honeymoon
  • A small handpainted box with Mom on it - Teddy's first mother's day gift to me
  • A Piscean-shaped wooden puzzle box from my friend Lynn
  • The MP3 player that Rich got me for Christmas this past year
  • A piece of artwork that I've put above our couch, which came from a friend in Philly for my 30th birthday
  • A glass fronted shelving unit that I got from my friends Cristi & Patrick
  • Having my friend Cristi flown in for my 29th birthday

I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones that are coming to mind right now.