08 September 2011

Worried about friends and family

Last week, I wrote about the rains in the area of my home town. A couple of the towns were badly flooded, complete evacuation. Well, this time it's hitting my home town of Downsville.  Yeah, we're used to flooding there.  In 2006, it was really bad - and this is looking to be the same, if not worse.


My mom, step-father, sister, brother-in-law and the kids should be pretty safe (though my sister hasn't been able to make it home from her job 45 minutes away).  They happen to live outside of town and on the mountain.  But I have a lot of family that live directly in town, as well as a lot of friends that I'd grown up with.  And they are the ones that I'm worried about.


At the moment, there's only one way into and out of town.  And if that floods, anyone left in town is screwed.  It's going to be nearly impossible to get out after that.


So those of you that pray. Those that send karma. Those that send well wishes. Please, do so.  Because I worry about my family and friends.  They've dealt with enough.  They really don't need more piled on top of them.