07 January 2012

Giveaways and Goodies

This week, I'm going to try to go back to my Giveaways and Goodies feature - a place where I promote giveaways, cool links and other bits of fun that I find on the blogs that I read.  I'm hoping to make this a weekly feature, posting on either Saturday or Sunday (when I have a bit more time to put it all together).

Hanging Off the Wire always has good giveaways going on.  Right now, she has 11 giveaways happening.  Follow the links to enter the ones that you find interesting.

Ending on January 10, she is giving away GelThotics Insoles. She has a lot of good things to say about them and I, for one, could use a pair, with my lack of arches and back pain!

You can enter to win the great family game Say Anything! Family Edition, a fun, kid-friendly game that's perfect to break out at family gatherings.  The Giveaway ends on January 11.

If you enter by January 12, you'll have a chance to win the book The Many Adventures of Pengey the Penguin by John Burns, a book that, according to Hayley, "is an enjoyable story and is jam-packed with a lot of culture and life lessons".

She is also giving away another whole series, in eBook format, ending on January 13.  It is the Green Stone Healing series by C.L. Talmadge.It's not one that I've heard of before, but it does look like a good fantasy series.

If clothing is more your style, she's giving away a $50 item from Smart & Sexy.  They're a great company that not only sells comfortable lingerie, but also supports The Women's Alliance by donating a portion of their profits to them.  This giveaway ends on January 16.

If you have a child mad for dinosaurs, then the Dino Dan DVD and theatrical poster is the giveaway you should enter.  I'm definitely entering for Pete.  You've got until January 16 to enter.

My hair hates staying in clips.  And when I try to use traditional claw clips, the claws end up poking into my head and making me more uncomfortable.  So I'm very interested in Hayley's giveaway of sc√ľnci's linziclip.  It has a flat bottom so rather than poking you, the clip lays flat.  The giveaway ends January 17.

Also ending on January 17 is the giveaway for Old Orchard's Cranberry Naturals juice products. Two winners will receive coupons for free product.  Sorry, international readers.  This one is US only.

She is also giving away a CottonAge.com microfiber turban towel.  Not only is it comfortable, but it attaches to a button so it doesn't slide down your head.  You can enter until January 19.

If you have school-age children, you know that head lice is a real threat.  Be proactive by trying to win Zippity Doo's Children's Daily Use Hair Care Products.  They are specially designed not only to be gentle on young scalps but also they add natural protection against lice.  Hayley had first-hand experience with how well they work, and has nothing but good to say about it.  Enter by January 20.

Losing weight is a resolution that many of us make for the new year.  Hayley is giving away something that will (hopefully) help with this - Dr Sears Zone Diet 2 Week Package.  She's tried it and says that, while the numbers on the scale haven't gone down, her clothes feel looser and she has more energy.  If you're interested in trying to win this, then enter by January 21.

Now we're moving away from Hayley and moving on to Jim Halterman.  He is a freelance writer, interviewing lots of talent either on the way to the top or already there.  He regularly offers giveaways, and all you need to do is e-mail him to enter.  Right now, he's giving away a signed copy of The Firm by John Grisham, in anticipation of the series starting on NBC this Sunday.  You have until January 11 to send in your entry.

If you love great books, check out GoodReads First Reads Giveaways. Every day there are a bunch of giveaways for different kinds of books that you can enter.  As a general rule, I enter almost all of them ending that day.  But I'm book crazy.

Since I only decided to do this this morning, I didn't have a list of giveaways to pass your way.  I will be compiling a list for next week, though.  If you're a blogger who wants your giveaways listed in this feature, please either leave me a comment or e-mail me at tpisces at gmail dot com.