14 March 2012

Writers Workshop: Babies Come From Mommies Tummies... And Sometimes Daddies

4.) Are you feeling brave? Ask your child where babies come from and share their answers.

Last night, I was trying to figure out which prompt I was going to answer when my eldest came into the dining room.  And, in a fit of bravery (or maybe idiocy), I asked him if he knew where babies came from.  I suspected that I knew what he'd answer.  After all, he saw not only my belly grow with his little brother, but last summer, a good friend of ours had her youngest child.  So he's been around pregnant women before, at least enough to know that they come from a mommy's tummy rather than the cabbage patch or the stork or the hospital.  And I was right... to an extent.

Here is how the conversation played out:

Me: (Watching Teddy walk into the room for a cookie for dessert, having the light bulb come on)  Teddy, do you know where babies come from?
Teddy: (Nodding his head as he grabs a cookie) Uh huh.
Me: (Prompting) Aaaand?
Teddy: (Shrugging)  They grow in mommies' tummies.
Me: (Nodding) Ok. And... (getting ready to ask him if he knows how they get there before...)
Teddy: (Interrupting) And sometimes in daddies' tummies too.
Me: (Can't speak for about 10 seconds) Ummm.... Where did you hear that?
Teddy: (As matter-of-fact as only a six year old can be) On Fairly Odd Parents.  Wanda wasn't the one that was pregnant, Cosmo was.
Me: (Blink. Blink. Blink.)  Baby, you know the difference between a TV show and real life, right?
Teddy: (Mouth full of cookie) Uh huh. Can I watch TV now?

I decided at that point that I just didn't want to continue the conversation.  My brain was way too broken.

But curiosity also got the better of me, because I had to look up what a pregnant Cosmo looked like.

From The Fairly Odd Parents Wiki, via Google Search

Yeah.  That's pretty much how I felt when I was pregnant.  Didn't quite look that way, though.

Tonight, maybe, I'll have the other discussion with him.... on why it's impossible for a man to have a baby.  I don't think I'm ready for more yet. And, I hope to God, neither is he!

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