28 September 2012

Four Fill -In Friday


I've got a busy day planned ahead, but I wanted to get this out quickly.  Later today, I may have another post for another meme.  And maybe, just maybe, a post with actual content as well.

Once again, I'm back with Feeling Beachie's Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun.  I missed this meme and am glad to be back!  Here are the statements, with my answers.

1. When I was little I was called Amber, Hey Tree-Sap, Amber-Waves-of-Grain... Kids could be cruel.  In high school, though, it was much better.  Then, I was either Amber, Am or Zebra.
2. Mounds are my favorite candy. At the moment, anyway.  Ask me in an hour and I'll probably have a different answer.  I just love candy far more than I should.
3. If I could have one magical power it would be teleportation. I'd love to be able to get anywhere, instantly.  Then I wouldn't feel like I'm always in a rush to get places!
4. If I could go back to school it would be to become a therapist.  I find I'm pretty good at helping with people's problems, helping them work things out, being a good listener... all the things that, in my mind, a good therapist should have.

And that's it for now!  Off to bring Pete to school, get the cars registered, get some shopping done, work more on my household planner, pick up the kids from school, and who knows what else.  See you all later, and have a great Friday!