17 October 2012

I Made it From Pintrest - A new weekly Meme

I Made It
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I'm a huge fan of Pintrest. It's been a great place for me to find inspiration, keep track of ideas, and see what friends are finding an interest in.  The problem I've had in the past is the same problem that I've had with a lot of plans.  Great ideas, no follow through.  I have tons of crafts, recipes, gift ideas and organizational but rarely do anything with them.  But no more!  I'm going to make Pintrest into a go-to place for me to get dinner ideas, make crafts for the boys/for holidays and utilize household and organizational ideas.  And to help give myself the motivation to do this, I'm going to start a weekly blog hop (because I seem far more likely do something when others are paying attention).

Every Monday, I'll post a new entry, with link-up, for the projects things I've done thanks to something I've found on Pintrest.  This Monday, tune in to see my reviews of the Chai Tea Mix that I made the other day, and the toasted ravioli that I'm making for dinner tonight.  (Not many pics for the Chai Tea mix, but the ravioli will be another matter.)  There may be more, depending on what I do over the weekend.  But those two are happening.

So if you'd like to join me on my journey with a journey of your own, come back Monday to read my reviews and link up your own reviews.  In the meantime, you can  Follow Me on Pinterest.