13 October 2012

Saturday 9

It's been awhile since I've done a Saturday 9, but getting back into the swing of things blogging means that I'm back and ready for fun!

1) Do you believe there's only one person (and there ain't no other) for you? Or do you think we can truly love several partners over the course of our lives? I tried writing a short answer to this question, but I couldn't.  If you're interested in my answer, you can find it here.

2) Do you have this, or any other, Christina song on your iPod/mp3 player? Nope.  I never really got into Christina Aguilera.

3) Christina Aguilera won a Grammy for her performance of this song. What do you deserve an award for? And who would you thank in your acceptance speech? The only thing that I can think of may sound silly to some of you, but it would be an award for making it through another day out of my bed.  I suffer from depression and anxiety and, even medicated at the moment, there are days that I'm not sure if I can face life.  But no matter how difficult it is for me, how low I feel, I manage to get out of bed.  I may not get much done, but I'm up and in the world rather than hiding away.  As for who I'd thank, mainly it would be Rich and the boys.  They're what keeps me going.  But I've also got a lot of friends off and online that support me when I'm having a rough day, and they deserve just as much thanks.

4) Christina Aguilera has her own brand of perfume. Do you have a fragrance or scent you regularly wear? Not anymore.  I need to be careful with the scents I wear because I'm asthmatic and stronger scents make it harder for me to breath.  One of the few that I've found that don't trigger my asthma is Love's Baby Soft.  I just haven't been able to buy any for awhile.

5) Do you have any allergies? Nothing beyond seasonal, really.  I have a lot of asthma triggers (including, strangely enough, drinking Pepsi) but I don't think those are true allergies.

6) There's an older lady who proclaims during a TV commercial, "I will give up beer, bread, wine or soda but I won't give up Life Alert!" No, we're not going to debate her diet. Instead the question is: What are some of the staples that are always on your grocery list? A side from the usual bread and milk (since, with four of us, we go through a lot), I've almost always got soda, ice cream, fruit (either fresh or canned), hot dogs and flavored creamer.  I seem to go through that far too quickly.

7) What's your favorite sitcom of all time? I've never been one that watched sitcoms as much as drama TV.  If I had to choose, though, I'd probably say Red Dwarf.  I used to watch it on PBS as often as they'd show them..

8) When it comes to your socks, do you prefer solids, stripes or prints? Prints, if I can.  I love cute socks. My favorite pair right now are purple with a penguin and snowflakes.

9) At what age do you consider a person "middle aged?" And when do they transition to "old?" That changes as I get older.  When I was a kid, 30 was middle aged and 50 was just old.  By the time I was in my 30s, I started thinking 40 was closer to middle age and 65 was old.  Now, (at 38), I'm thinking that middle age is probably still 40 (so I'm coming up on it fast) and old is probably around 70.